BentoBox implements a few commands to help you manage your whole BentoBox installation.

Available commands (as of 1.6.0)

Command Permission Description
/bentobox [help/h] bentobox.admin Displays all available BentoBox commands
/bentobox about bentobox.about Displays copyright and license information
/bentobox catalog bentobox.admin.catalog Displays the Catalog
/bentobox locale bentobox.admin.locale Performs localization files analysis
/bentobox manage/overview bentobox.admin.manage Displays the Management Panel
/bentobox migrate bentobox.admin.migrate Migrates data from one database to another
/bentobox reload/rl bentobox.admin.reload Reloads BentoBox and all addons, settings and locales
/bentobox version/v/versions/addons bentobox.version Displays BentoBox and addons versions

An alias for /bentobox is /bbox.

When filing bug reports or asking for support, you must provide the output of the /bentobox version command so that we know what version of the software, database and addons you are using.

最后更新: 2023年6月26日 14:23:28